Houston I have so Many Problems Space Raccoon Self Care Hat

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Houston, we have a problem... scratch that, make it *so many problems*! But fear not, fellow earthlings, because our vintage tee has got you covered with a healthy dose of humor and intergalactic style. Introducing our "Houston I have so many problems" hat, featuring a raccoon floating in space with an astronaut helmet on. 🚀🦝


Is life throwing you more curveballs than a cosmic collision? Don't worry, you're not alone. Our tee is here to commiserate with you in the most out-of-this-world way possible.

Crafted from the softest fabric this side of the Milky Way (because even astronauts appreciate a comfy tee), our vintage masterpiece promises out-of-this-world comfort. Plus, with its retro vibes, you'll make a stellar style statement wherever you go.

But let's talk about our furry little astronaut friend. Floating amidst the stars with a look of mild exasperation, this raccoon is all of us navigating the chaos of life, one asteroid at a time. Because, let's face it, sometimes you've got to laugh to keep from drifting into the void.

So why stress about your earthly problems when you could be soaring through the cosmos in style? Grab your "Houston I have so many problems" tee today and let's blast off into a galaxy of giggles together! 🚀🦝

Features: High-quality, soft cotton Available in a variety of colors and sizes Perfect for everyday wear Great gift for anyone who is looking to live a more authentic life 


  One size
Crown height, in 6.50
Width of front panel, in 7.37
Bill length, in 2.87