Season of Selfishness: Crafting helped me Self Care

Season of Selfishness: Crafting helped me Self Care

I recently read an article (link) after attending a "Lean-In" at my workplace.  I mentioned that I had consciously wanted to make decisions that supported my current season of Selfishness.  I wanted to make decisions that fill me, and are not for anyone else.  Take that Job, Move away, cut off people who don't add to me, and the list goes on.

Crafting helped me do that.  Go to the meetups.  Spend time in Michaels.  Enable your friends and share your crafting hauls.  Binge-watch Youtube Plan with Me's.   Take a class online or with an expert.  Fail and try again!



A couple of things that I think we can all do before we change our calendars to 2020.

- Shop your crafting stash
- Watch all the Youtube tutorials, and MAKE mistakes.  It's the only way to learn
- Invite a friend to coffee.  Hell...make coffee at your house and Facetime/Videochat them if you don't want to leave your comfy house.

Commit to only doing things that add to your cup and DON'T drain you.  There is enough of those things in the world that do that on their own.


Take care of you, loves.

xo, Jannon

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